Producer, composer, and musician Dr Woe presents his newest work on Insomnius Music - „Magic Life (2023 Remix) / Voices“. The artist now has a wide variety of productions in his repertoire and has already released with his second project Scary Woods on Basswerk. His current production again displays high quality, bleak, and dynamic drum & bass. 


The Berlin-born artist has over two decades produced his own music, and is active as a DJ in the club scene. He has played alongside artists such as Noisia, Current Value and Audio, as well as in the Hamburg Wutzrock Festival, in Yaam in Berlin, and in famous Hamburg clubs such as Übel & Gefährlich. Dr Woe is a graphic designer and sound technician, working in various music genres. In drum & bass, his latest release is his fifth on his own label, Insomnius Music, which he founded in 2016 together with Violet Core (Bass Forward the Revolution, Therapy Sessions Hamburg). His debut release was seven years ago, and he‘s still not standing still. 


The original of „Magic Life (2023 Remix)“, which was originally released without a label, was produced by Dr Woe in 2013 and was one of his first releases. New inspiration brought him to create a remix. His sound stands for epic intros, juicy bass boards, and playful lead synthesizer. With this release a powerful sound has emerged, and warm pads and extensive brass samples herald the beginning of the title track „Magic Life (2023 Remix)“, which has a definite Trueschool and Neurofunk groove, a comes along with a complex carpet of bass and techy lead synthesizers. „Voices“ offers a mysterious and calming atmosphere - the perfect finish to the first track - and simultaneously impresses with new elements. 


Available on 31 March at all good online stores and streaming platforms!





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