Violet Core stands behind the decks the decks since 2014, but being a music enthusiast since infancy and active in various band projects since her teens. Whether at the turntables, in the studio, at the mic or on the guitar: she knows how to convince with her creative output. She has been organizing and managing events since 2005, studied audio engineering and has now been working in various sectors of the music industry for over 15 years: She is a self-made person.


Violet's sets got a unique and barnstorming vibe, including harder, classic and deeper styles, straight from the darkside of drum & bass. Even genre-spanning moments of surprise should not be missed. As a producer, she is e.g. active as one half of Scary Woods and has a constantly growing repertoire of her own tracks. She recorded her vocals for the track Consciousness, a collaboration with Bons that was released on DNB Database. She also releases her productions as Scary Woods on her label Insomnius Music and is part of the Wuestensturm remix EP by Giana Brotherz on Basswerk alongside The Green Man, Zardonic and Zombie Cats. Violet has shared the stage with Artists like; Cause4Concern, Current Value, DJ Hidden, Forbidden Society, Skynet and Zombie Cats. 


As a booker and promoter Violet Core provides Hamburg's Drum & Bass scene with some of the most wanted dark & hard Drum and Bass artists. In 2011 she has co-founded Bass Forward The Revolution and even brought the worldwide celebrated Therapy Sessions to Hamburg. But only promoting the bigger names is not enough for her: Always looking for new talents, she also gives unknown artists a chance to demonstrate their skills at her events. In order to create a platform for herself and her network's producers, she co-founded the Drum and Bass label Insomnius Music on which the first releases have already appeared!


Take a ride on the darkside with Violet Core!







Scary Woods - Toxic Planet | Corruption

INMS007 | Out on: July 16, 2021 

Goodfella - Sensei | Chaser

INMS006 | May 14, 2021 

Dr Woe - Generation Addicted

INMEP005 | November 29, 2019 

Scary Woods - Pulse

INMEP004 | September 6, 2019 

Dr Woe - Lake Of Wisdom

INM003 | February 22, 2019 

Dr Woe - Separate (2018 RMX)

INMFREE002 | April 27, 2018

Dr Woe - The Insomnius EP
 |  October 24, 2016

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