In 2016, Violet Core and Dr Woe founded Insomnius Music, a label for dark Drum & Bass sound that represents both harder and more deeper influences. The numerous and diverse musical roots of the two founders can be found not only in Drum & Bass but also in more experimental soundscapes. From the point of view of a DJ, music lover and record collector, the two have long been thinking of founding a music label to have a suitable platform for their own productions.


One of their biggest challenges is getting independent with the music that passionates and captivates them. The two founders want to be on their own, which concerns the production and the entire career to a finished track and does not work under specifications, which could stop their flow of ideas. All processes are in label hands, even the mixing and the mastering amongst others.
Violet´s and Woe's aspiration is to be creative and to find their own style - far from copy and paste. Individuality and quality are important to both, be it in their own tracks or in the search for artists who could fit in with their label. After all, these two things make Insomnius Music special.


The enthusiasm for the music confirms the decision of the two to keep Insomnius Music alive, even if the balancing act between artist and label owner is not always easy: "We try to separate everything that concerns the label strictly from our production times. Otherwise, we could not achieve our goals as artists. Creativity can not be planned, but label work can." The label name Insomnius is well chosen, because sleepless music-rich nights still exist with both label owners.

"Creating our own sound and not sounding like everyone else has already given us many sleepless but productive nights - always in search of inspiration and the perfect sound for us."


Get sleepless with Insomnius Music!





Dr Woe - Generation Addicted

INMEP005 | November 29 2019 

Scary Woods - Pulse

INMEP004 | September 6 2019 

Dr Woe - Lake Of Wisdom

INM003 | February 22 2019 

Dr Woe - Separate (2018 RMX)

INMFREE002 | April 27 2018

Dr Woe - The Insomnius EP
 | October 24 2016

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