With a deeply rooted musical background, Sindicate, based in Hamburg, began learning to play the piano at the age of 6 and has been honing his DJ skills for over a decade now, before embarking on his musical journey as a producer in 2020.


As a DJ, he is a member of Liquid Concrete and has been a part of events alongside artists like A.M.C, Andy C, and Chris.SU. Driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection and an unyielding passion for the Neurofunk genre, his debut release „Frozen Pain" on Drevobos Recordings burst forth with colossal, distorted components and expressed his meticulous musicality with soulful undertones. He subsequently released more singles and EPs, impressing listeners with immersive soundscapes, hypnotic melodies, and destructive bass sounds on international labels such as Abducted LTD, Insomnius Music, Neuropunk Records, Stonx Music, and UTM-Records. Moreover, Sindicate won a Producer Contest organized by Pythius.


The artist draws upon a wealth of technical knowledge, blending distorted elements with a strong emphasis on musicality, soul, and intriguing arrangements that captivate listeners.







Bons - Hammer / Strike | INMS012 7 | June 2024

Dr Woe - Hard Hat Area | From the Deep | INMS011 | 12 April 2024 

Sindicate - Infernal | Limbus

INMS010 | 9 Ferbuary 2024 

Section 63 - Voyager | Strange Thoughts | INMS009 | 26 May 2023 

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